We're not your average poster session. In fact, no posters are allowed! GCURS is an annual event held each fall that brings undergraduate researchers together! Open to current undergraduate students from around the world, accepted students are invited to give a 10-12 minute talk on their research, and receive coaching and encouragement from faculty and graduate student mentors.

It's inspiring

"I felt that the judges were very engaged with the presenters, they asked us some very probing and well-thought out questions. I also enjoyed getting to meet other undergrads from around the country who are completing some very interesting scientific research processes in a very extensive range of fields. Hearing that, being able to be inspired by the greatness that I am seeing in my own generation was really great."
Alexandria Adigun, Howard University

Feedback and mentorship

“I had an awesome experience and the mentoring I received from faculty was incredible. The faculty took time after each talk to give constructive feedback. As a researcher in general, it’s important to be able to do great work but conveying it well is the most important thing, and they really helped us with that.”
Joseph Krause, Virginia Tech

"GCURS gave me an opportunity to hone my presentation preparation and deliverance skills. It also connected me with highly-talented individuals that I still keep in contact with."
Wesley Combs, University of Houston

It's a challenge

"Once I found out that it was an opportunity for an oral presentation, I was gung-ho and very excited to be able to do something that not many undergraduates can. An oral presentation is very different from poster session. All eyes are on you. You have to really convey to an audience something that they've never heard about before and you get extended period of time to do that. It challenges the student to be able to convey their information in a concise manner that also engages an audience. It’s high-pressure, exciting, and it takes a lot of preparation beforehand."
Taylor Baum, Pennsylvania State University

"Presenting your research while somewhat stressful is really quite exciting. I met great students and faculty while presenting."
Lucas Eddy, UT Dallas

A new worldview

"GCURS for me was an amazing experience because I was able to see different perspectives. Everyone was engaged with the research, sharing ideas and perspectives."
Ingrid Anaya Morales, ITESM

"My favorite thing about the symposium was going to another country and watching university life unfold in a different context."
Daniela Del Río, UNAM

"GCURS really helped me to gain strong presentation and communication skills. It helped me expand my understanding of the different research projects going on in the field and look into different techniques that I was not familiar with that others incorporated into their work."
Raniyah Nathani, Texas A&M

Expand your network

"I found GCURS a very rich experience. It's a great opportunity, you have a lot of networking to do and learn about the many things people are doing now. You might feel nervous, but once you present you have feedback from faculty that are telling you, you're doing great, your research is really interesting."
Izan Chalen, USFQ

"I really enjoyed listening to fellow students' research talks. However, I also really enjoyed meeting students from such a diverse array of backgrounds and understanding what makes them excited about their topic."
Sam Schwartz, Wake Forest University

GCURS is a great opportunity for undergraduate researchers to gain presentation experience and to meet peers at other institutions from around the world! In 2023 we were thrilled to welcome over 250 guests back to campus for a dynamic, unforgettable, hybrid experience. Each division includes breakfast, lunch, and a keynote address given by a Rice professor, followed by an interdisciplinary networking reception.

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