Symposium Guidelines

Important information for presenters can be found below, including details on the presentation format, general guidelines and expectations for presenters, and resources to help you prepare your presentation!

Presentation Format

Each section will have specific time lengths for the presenters. Generally, most presentations will be approximately 12-15 minutes in length. After your presentation there will be questions for 2-3 minutes. The section administrator will provide you with specific details about the presentation and section requirements. Presentations should be tailored to an educated, non-field expert audience. Your presentation should be given individually and not as a group. If you would like to request a group presentation please contact the section administrator.

Technical Specifications

If presentations are delivered virtually:

  • Presenters are encouraged to use PowerPoint or Google Slides,.

  • Presenters can plan to deliver their presentation using screen share via Zoom.

  • Presenters should plan to use Google Chrome, and update their browser and operating system with any necessary updates before the event.

If presentations are delivered in-person on the Rice campus:

  • Presentations will be delivered in a classroom setting; a clicker will be provided.

  • Depending on the section, presentations may be pre-loaded for you onto either a Mac or PC, or you may be asked to access your presentation via flash drive or similar means.

  • Please bring a copy of your presentation on a flash drive; test thoroughly to ensure the presentation renders correctly on both a Mac and a PC.

If you have an emergency the day of GCURS, please notify your section administrator and email, call 713-348-2323, or send a Zoom chat to

Suggested Attire

Participants are encouraged to dress in business casual or professional attire. Comfortable shoes that you can easily walk in are recommended.

Arrive early

Early arrival is encouraged. Even if you were asked to send in your presentation by email, please bring a backup copy on a USB or via email, and have your presentation ready to go on the day of the symposium. Your section coordinator(s) will give you detailed information regarding your session in the days leading up to the symposium.


Please remain for the entirety of a presentation session. If you do need to leave during a session wait until the presenter has finished delivering their presentation or is in between presentations before entering or leaving a session. We also encourage participants to listen to other sessions.

Presenter Expectations

Presenters can view the information here to help them plan for GCURS and their presentation. Expectations for presenters at GCURS are as follows:

  • Attend your section for the full day. Stay until each person in your section has had a chance to present.
  • Be mindful of your speaking time.
  • Stay engaged throughout the day, taking care to to network and ask questions!
  • If virtual: update your browser and operating system before your session begins and test your talk thoroughly.
  • If virtual: when possible, have your camera on and audio on mute, except for when presenting or asking a question.

If you have an emergency the day of GCURS, please notify your section administrator and email, call 713-348-2323, or send a Zoom chat to