Presentation Overview:

  • Each Division will have specific time lengths for the presenters.  Generally, most presentations will be approximately 12 minutes in length.  After your presentation there may be questions for 2-3 minutes. The Division Coordinator will provide you with specific details about the presentation and uploading your PowerPoint file.
  • Presentations should be tailored to an educated, non-field expert audience.
  • Your presentation should be given individually and not as a group.  If you would like to have a group presentation please contact the division coordinator.



  • Each classroom will have a computer, projector, and laser pointer/clicker.
  • Before your session you will have an opportunity to become familiar with the room in which you will be speaking. If you would like to use the computer to ensure your PowerPoint presentation is viewable in advance, contact your division coordinator.
  • Although your PowerPoint presentations will be previously submitted via email or dropbox, we encourage you to bring a USB drive with your PowerPoint presentation as a back-up.
  • Adapters will be available.

Tips on Presenting: