Aryeh Warmflash
BioSciences Keynote
Assistant Professor, BioSciences and Bioengineering

Aryeh Warmflash earned his B.A. from University of Pennsylvania in 2003, double-majoring in Physics and Mathematics. He then joined the doctoral program in Physics at University of Chicago. There he performed research in nonequilibrium statistical and mathematical models of cell-fate decisions in the laboratory of Prof. Aaron Dinner, receiving his Ph.D. in 2008. He did postdoctoral research at The Rockefeller University in the laboratories of Eric Siggia and Ali Brivanlou where he used model systems ranging from Xenopus embryos to human embryonic stem cells to study morphogen signaling and spatial patterning in early development. He was recruited to Rice University with a CPRIT Cancer Research Award in Fall 2014. His lab currently studies signaling dynamics and spatial pattern formation during embryonic development and in the cancer microenvironment.