A limited  block of rooms are reserved for GCURS participants and visiting judges at the Houston Marriott Medical Center Hotel for both Friday and Saturday nights.  Participants will share a double room and visiting faculty will have an individual room.  the Marriott hotel is located at 6580 Fannin Street (Driveway Entrance on 1730 Dryden Road), Houston, TX  77030.

Hotel Parking:  There are 2 options for hotel parking:

Self-parking is available next to the Marriott hotel for $13/day

GCURS has made arrangements for parking at the BioScience Research Collaborative (BRC) building, one block from the Marriott hotel (6500 Main Street, Houston, TX).  The parking garage entrance for the BRC is located on Dryden.  Parking at the BRC will be paid by GCURS.

You will be given an opportunity to request arrangements for accommodations on the Registration page.


The Marriott hotel  is within walking distance to the Rice campus.  However, shuttles will be provided on Saturday morning to take participants/advisors to the main campus. The Coordinators of each division will contact you with detailed information. Participants presenting at the BRC will walk to their destination.


Participants and advisors not staying at the hotel can park at the various visitors’ lots on campus and at the BRC.  Click the link to view the campus map – visitor parking is highlighted in yellow. GCURS will pay for visitor parking.  The Coordinators of each Division will assist you with obtaining a parking validation ticket.