Keynote speakers for 2019 will be posted below as they are announced. Generally, each section hosts 1-2 keynote speakers from a wide variety of backgrounds. An archive of keynote speakers from past years can be found here.
Applied Physics

Kaden Hazzard

Assistant Professor

Jun Kono

Chair, Applied Physics Program

Professor, ECE, MSNE, Physics

BioSciences & Systems, Synthetic & Physical Biology

Caroline Ajo-Franklin


Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Aditya Mohite

Associate Professor


Christy Landes


Earth, Environmental and Planetary Sciences
Electrical and Computer Engineering

Santiago Segarra

Assistant Professor

Materials Science and NanoEngineering

Ming Tang

Assistant Professor

Hanyu Zhu

William Marsh Rice Trustee Chair Assistant Professor

Mechanical Engineering

Daniel Preston

Assistant Professor

Physics and Astronomy

Mustafa Amin

Assistant Professor